What Is ASO

Artificial Search Optimiser is a BNB Chain token which will reward it’s users only for using ASO Browser.

How Users of ASO Will Be Rewarded?

Everytime users will search or browse anything on ASO or even use any APP/DAPP online they will be rewarded in ASO token.

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Participate In ASO IDO

ASO Blockchain

ASO is BNB CHAIN Token but in Q2 2023 ASO planned to move on its own chain.

Fundamentals of ASO Token & Ecosystem

ASO token will be used on ASO (Search Optimizer & also on KIWI browser)
Attach your ASO browser with any WEB 3.0 wallet ( Trustwallet, Metamask & Safepal) and start earning on every search.

ASO Audit & KYC.


Total Supply: 1000000000

  • Presale Allocation: 100000000

  • IDO: 30000000

  • Team:1500000

  • S2E Rewards: 150000000

  • Marketing Budget: 5000000

  • Burn: 600000000

  • Circulating Supply: 380000000

  • Remaining LOCKED For 20 Years.

  • Every month 2 Million ASO will  be unlocked & Burn.

Hybrid Staking of ASO

Holders & users of ASO will be able to use Hybrid Staking Feature where users can only stake their ASO tokens and remaining Hybrid ecosystem will finalise the best Pools for you to earn High Yield.

How To Stake ASO tokens?

For staking ASO tokens users need to hold their ASO tokens in any Web 3.0 wallet and stake those on the ASO website to get rewards on an everyday basis.

PRESALE 1 will Start


Min Amount To Participate Is $25.

Presale Round 1: $0.002
Presale Round 2 : $0.004
Presale Round 3 : $0.006
Ido Price : $0.007


BUSD (BEP20) - 0x5a042d9cb29c202954ace05c9bf89d013a9b673e

BNB (BEP20) - 0x5a042d9cb29c202954ace05c9bf89d013a9b673e

APT (APT) - 0x91d0ce2f60eabe5623f35afad43567c26b39bfcfbae603e9de2c1d6c0d980f77

ADA (ADA) - addr1v9jj80dxehsmx337y2tmtz4ugzjhvy7zaagukn0vftvz4kghpyjc3

USDT (TRC20) - TXwaGt2Smc6MuZk8UrUgDuGjy6zE5rzVbw

SOL (SOL) - 8mKnagwgxbjs9gh4QkeWnDqVfDA15JqT7vua6yfL9y4T




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